WOODBRID - Simple is cool - Fashion for men made in Denmark

The label Woodbird was founded in 2010 and since then has made a good name for itself - without any chichi and extravagances. With this, the designers there take up the wish of many (almost all?) men to be fashionably dressed, but not to walk around like a peacock. The concept could be described as "wearable fashion for men of all ages". And that "wearable" doesn't have to be boring is proven here anew with every piece. You won't find the cheap gag and the colours that you only like to wear in the dark, but pieces that can be easily combined with the existing ones.

The forest bird - a completely normal bird

It's a clever idea that the label was named Woodbird. These birds in the forest are not the shrillest, with the exception of those on the Amazon, but those that get their effect from other sources. In the pieces for men, these sources are clearly recognizable: the focus is on classic design, good materials and on the fact that every man already knows very well which accessories he wants to wear with the pieces. That can be just about anything: from a red velvet scarf to a flowing scarf with a pattern, ethnic jewellery to sophisticated belts or interesting shoes. The Woodbird pieces are the solid base for the whole thing, which makes the rest shine.

The Danes have it on: good design

The makers of Woodbird understand their work as being in the Scandinavian tradition, which says that a good design should not have more than necessary. A clear line, a cut that is immediately recognizable, the complete renunciation of redundancies, like x bags etc.: The Danes at Woodbird have it all. And since this is the case, fashion fans in the rest of Europe follow them and like to wear the casual T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and trousers. For Woodbird this means: "Just the essentials". As you can see, this is enough and even has a formative effect on taste. For the appearance in the urban jungle, more and more men reach for a piece from the forge of the Woodbirds.

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