Continue - the show goes on!

If you think that Scandinavia or especially Denmark is just cool and without any romanticism, you don't know the songs from Continue yet. This label was launched in 2017. The two experts in fashion and style, Eva Gry and Jeanette Nilsson, have made the fun of fashion their top priority, something that should go on and on. Hence the name Continue, which is full of optimism. Besides a shop located in the rather unknown town of Rungsted, the label is of course also active online and delights the fashion-conscious woman with its amazing creations.

Pure romance, everyday life need not be grey

It doesn't matter on which occasion you wear a dress or a sweater or a blouse from Continue. Every occasion will be a little more festive. You can wear the dresses and skirts, which often come in two layers, on the beach as well as in the evening in a chic restaurant. Your companion is guaranteed to behave a little better as she is dealing with a lady. These clothes turn women into ladies, so to speak, but still with a wink. Young women can also get a taste for this form of romance and lady liveliness, except that they combine such a dress with flounces or frills with cowboy boots or even sneakers. The full fun of fashion is in any case caused by these garments.

The gypsy look, just a little bit finer

We don't know what the makers of Continue had in mind when they took on the Gypsy style, but they manage to draw a plus of femininity from the fine materials and far-reaching cuts. In addition to dresses for the more festive occasions, the collection also includes simply refined pieces that really "go" every day: in the office or at university. Roll-neck sweaters in striking colours or cheeky T-shirts with an eye on them - the main thing is that the wearer feels comfortable and enjoys the pieces. From Denmark for the world - this is fashion in which women simply feel great.

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