High-quality accessories from UNMADE make every outfit perfect

The fashion label UNMADE from the Danish capital Copenhagen was founded in the early 1990s by Ivan Bjerg Larsen. It is a family business with a great success story. After quickly making a name for itself in Scandinavia, the company has become a sought-after brand for stylish accessories throughout Europe. UNMADE's collections supply scarves, caps, scarves, socks and shoes all year round to complete your outfit and turn it into a round thing. Also cheeky dresses, light skirts, leggings or trendy coats in fashionable colours are included in the collections depending on the season.


Accessories for a perfect look

At UNMADE, accessories are not just decorative accessories, they make a look perfect. An outfit without pretty accessories is not finished, so "unmade", as it is called in English. With colourful scarves, handbags and shoes of the Danish label every look finds its perfection. The label's style is geared to the fashion needs of stylish, self-confident women who want to add an individual touch with their look. UNMADE's accessories can be combined elegantly, cheekily, femininely or originally, depending on the occasion. Despite regularly changing collections, the label's pieces always have a timeless character. Thanks to the high-quality materials and good workmanship, the company's fashion is a good investment for a long time to come.


Sustainable fashion for every purse

The UNMADE team is aware that everyone has a responsibility to preserve our environment. In the manufacture of its products, the Scandinavian label therefore focuses on sustainable production and compliance with all environmental protection and occupational safety guidelines. The Danish company always strives to ensure that sustainable fashion does not have to be expensive. All fashion-conscious women should be able to afford the great accessories and make their outfit something special. With a warm hat, a scarf with a great motif or soft gloves in your wardrobe, you have a pretty accessory for every occasion that makes your look perfect.

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