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Stine Goya

Comfort and romance, perfectly combined: Stine Goya

Copenhagen-based Stine Goya founded the company that bears her name in 2006 and has since been an important player at national and international fashion shows. The company's portfolio includes not only clothing but also accessories and shoes, so that you can dress from head to toe "on Stine Goya" if you wish. The target group that Stine Goya has in mind is the modern woman who appreciates comfort in everyday life, but who is also not averse to a touch of romance in order to feel comfortable and feminine. The cuts are clear; often the models, trousers, dresses and blouses, fall far. But also the patterns provide joy and are definitely something to look at.

The clown in me - he may show himself!

Maybe you sometimes have the feeling that life is taken far too seriously? Then the fashion of Stine Goya is exactly your thing. Cheat the dreariness and wear a slim-fitting trouser suit - with dots. Yes, you have read correctly: Pünktchen! Sometimes with Stine Goya, this also means dots, large elements that spontaneously create a good mood. Playing with fashion is easy with these models, but the touch of the feminine also comes into its own with Stine's models. Let yourself be inspired, the variety is convincing.

Far-reaching dresses - strikingly feminine

The prints from Stine Goya's collection are definitely striking. Although she has a penchant for pastel colours, some models captivate with contrasting colours that prove to be eye-catchers in everyday life. The dresses are a special area. If Stine Goya has her way, they are worn for every occasion: on the beach as well as at parties in the evening. And why not on a normal day at the office? Join in the play with the images, roles and nuances when you choose a piece from the current collection. You will see that the pieces will put you in a good mood. Give it a try: Tomorrow could be your own personal "Stine Tag" - with giant dots, rhombuses or simply at university.