Rut & Circle

Rut & Circle - Not at all undercooled and inaccessible: Swedish design

Rut & Circle not only sounds international as a name, the label also sees itself as a global fashion player, far from borders and restrictions. It was launched in Stockholm and quickly made its way to other countries, which immediately adapted the fun of fashion. What exactly is Rut & Circle? This label is difficult to put into words, and that is exactly what it is. But one thing is clear: Scandinavian cool or even strict is nothing for women when it comes to these skirts, sweaters and jackets. And that goes down well - with all fashionable ladies worldwide.


Not for the wallflowers: wild prints, dots and co.

Anyone who gets involved in the fashion of Rut & Circle goes on a trip to the realm of "attracting attention, but with style". Only a beautiful piece can spice up your entire outfit. No matter whether you wrap yourself in a warm jacket or have the tiger on it but not inside. Faux fur or leather is the name of the game here, because animals should certainly not die for the wearer of this fashion. Such a fluffy "fur" has the grace of the original, but also brings a good conscience into play. This is what the makers of Rut & Circle think about the other effects. Pünktchen? But yes, something like that suits a grown woman, even if her name isn't Pünktchen. You can admire all the great ideas on this label. Prints that stand out, animalistic or flowery, could also be mentioned here. Also the leather is not what it claims to be: Faux leather is so much more beautiful.


Soft knitwear - how cosy!

Also the sweaters, made of a rustic knit, are comfortable and absolutely worth seeing. Here comes good craftsmanship and the courage to "Think big!" thoughts together, from which the wearer can only profit. Rut & Circle, in short, is the fun of fashion, colours and surprising effects, the play with illusions. Real or not? This fashion asks many questions and answers them in detail.

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