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Rue de Femme


Rue de Femme - although the name sounds French, this brand is Scandinavian through and through, but it is dedicated to the idea of the feminine look. That's why Rue de Femme fits very well, because with these skirts, shorts and blouses the wearer becomes the queen of the street. The models were inspired by the styles that are boldly combined and staged in Copenhagen right now. Rue de Femme has its origins in Denmark, where fashion is not at all cool.

A newcomer who makes a good start

Although Rue de Femme was only launched in 2014, this newcomer has immediately conquered the stage of the fashion world. The mix of light fabrics produced under tolerable conditions, well-fitting cuts, beautiful prints, combined with a sense of what trends are worth implementing, quickly turned the brand into the "must remember" brand. The designs are pure luxury, they flatter the wearer, who can wallow in fabrics. Layers of chiffon or fine cotton focus on "more through more". The wearer feels wrapped in precious favourite pieces designed just for her. The appearance in everyday life becomes a stage-ready event.

Striped shirts, flowing skirts: Variety is the motto

Take a look at the current collection. You will see that there is everything that can be combined well. How about a simple pair of jeans that is complemented by a maritime striped top? Or how about an evening all about glamour? Here, too, you can find a lot at Rue de Femme. Uniqueness matters, it can be a skirt that enchants, but it can also be a blouse that is simply refined! What all models have in common is that they can be combined in countless ways. And what do I wear today? A model from Rue de Femme, of course.

From Copenhagen to the whole world

The streets of Copenhagen provide the inspiration for Rue de Femme, but women all over the world love to wear these beautiful models. Will you too soon? Choose your it piece. The beginning is made on Rue de Femme!