Residus - From Sweden for fashion-conscious women - Sustainable!

You will see the trend towards sustainability as the central theme of this label. Nevertheless, nothing here looks like classic eco-fashion, which likes to turn out a bit dreary. No, colours and many details make the dresses, skirts and tops real eye-catchers. The two Swedes who founded the Residus label in 2016 have been "practicing" for a while, so you can say: This is where the songs are presented.

Evalena meets Elin - a dream team emerges

The fact that the Scandinavians and thus also the Swedes have a good feeling for design, you probably already noticed. The fact that the design often has a classic touch says nothing about how it is implemented in detail. On the contrary: the combination of a clear cut, good materials and daring extras such as frills, bows or borders creates excitement - and a good mood in the wearer of this sustainable fashion. On the other hand, the good mood of the label's founders, Elin Mohlander and Evalena Jonsson, also inspires the work. A Residus dress is on - and the day is yours!

Keine Ausnahme von der Regel: Nachhaltigkeit als roter Faden

Um im Bild zu bleiben: Die Stoffe und deren Herstellung sind dem Prinzip der Nachhaltigkeit geweiht. Das ist kein heiliger, ernster Vorgang, sondern die konsequente Umsetzung eines klaren Konzepts. Das Konzept sieht vor, dass keine Rohstoffe "verplempert" werden, Und so entstehen auch nicht die manchmal zu beklagenden billigen Fähnchen, sondern hochwertige Kleider etc., die die Trägerin gerne länger als nur einen Sommer lang trägt. Haltbar, sustainable, das sind Sie doch sicher auch gerne dabei!

Not x, but exactly four collections a year

The principle of "class instead of mass" also becomes clear when you look at the number of collections per year. Here, something new is not thrown onto the market every week. No, the ladies Elin and Evalena take their time and prefer to bring out four new collections a year according to the seasons. Good things come in handy here for a while, and don't they say that anticipation is the most beautiful joy? Treat yourself to something from Residus and you will see what quality is.

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