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Núnoo is a Danish bag company founded in 2015 by the sisters Naja Silfen and Pia Silfen-Jensen. It all started in the basement of Pia's house, where the two sisters had the vision to design and manufacture high quality designer bags at a reasonable price. They should reflect their interest in Scandi fashion, street style, recycling and colours. The Núnoo Bags collection includes stylish mini bags, shoulder bags and travel-friendly carrier bags. The designs are available in a range of colours including black, white, polka dot and pink. The meaning of the name Núnoo in Greenlandic is the feeling of a baby. The mother of the two founding sisters comes from Greenland and has always called Naja Núnoo. For them, the word is associated with many good things and that is why they called their brand Núnoo.

Where does the inspiration come from?

The SS19 campaign takes place in the streets of New York City. Locations such as Chinatown and Times Square lend the campaign and brand international appeal. The theme "colourful universe" fits perfectly with the bags, which are made of classic leather and suede as well as materials such as nylon, lacquer, plastic and cord. The sisters travel around the world, inspired by culture, art and street style.

Popular with influencers

Núnoo Bags are a favorite with influencers and have been discovered by Instagram's most influential fashion bloggers. They appear in many news feeds and have been extremely popular since their introduction. The typical design of Núnoo Bags can be seen from a distance. The double patch pockets on the front of the Núnoo Bags are a tribute to the 90s and are very trendy.

Sustainable materials and recycling

Production is based on the credo that all resources should be used optimally. All the leather used in the Núnoo Bags is waste from meat production. One of the priorities for 2019 and new collections is to work with producers to find new ways to use more sustainable materials in production.

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