Neo Noir

Not gloomy at all: the fashion of Neo Noir

The name Neo Noir may suggest a touch of France, but the truth is that the company is based in Denmark, a country that has given us many exciting trends. The place may be a little less well-known, Aalsgaarde, but fashion is making a universal triumphal procession from there. Wherever girls and women want wearable fashion, the name Neo Noir comes up.

Fresh ideas from Denmark

The designers in Aalsgaarde, Denmark, do not follow the current trends, they are strongly involved in creating them. They do not necessarily focus on avant-garde, but take modern classics and give them a fresh coat of paint. Thus, the actually somewhat "rough" hoodie of Neo Noir is transformed into a loosely falling, but at the same time very valuable piece of clothing, which cannot be denied a certain sex appeal. The fashion is supposed to be wearable, suitable for everyday life and evening tours alike. This should be successful with the garments!

For all who do not want anything off the rack

The crew of Neo Noir does have a certain type of woman in mind, but it is very much differentiated on the inside. Is it the modern business woman, the romantic girlie, or rather the cool urban jungle queen? A mix of everything and the parts can also be adapted to any style a woman loves and cares for. The Neo Noir garments are suitable for everyday use in the best sense. And so the wearer also goes to university with a blouse with ruffles in a romantic look.

Angel or bitch? Who knows for sure!

The makers of Neo Noir also like to use provocation when naming their models. "Angel": Is the wearer of the model really such a one - or is she a devil in an innocent look? And who is wearing this daring leather jacket? Is it a good girl or a bride who dares a lot? Today this way, tomorrow that way. The fun of fashion is very important here. And the fun also includes the ironic exaggeration of the models. "Street Assassin" - the street killer, save yourself! But the lady can also be quite different: quite soft and cuddly. Neo Noir has this contradiction in mind and converts it into exciting fashion.

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