Fresh looks with the label Modström

Modström is a modern fashion label from Denmark, which for some years now has also been able to inspire the ladies' world in Germany with its fresh and uncomplicated collections. In German Modström means "Against the current", a motto to which the Danish designers have fully committed themselves. Of course Modström also serves current fashion trends, but the label's aim is always to find its own line that stands out from the mass market and sets very special accents.

Business and leisure outfits

Modström's portfolio is broad, and so the collections include both elegant business outfits and comfortable leisure looks. From jeans and skirts, to dresses, blouses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, shirts and tops, jackets, coats, caps, scarves, leggings and chic blazers. If you're looking for a sporty outfit, you'll find it at Modström just as much as if you need something for the big time.

Style in all situations

The label is just the right thing for all ladies who want to dress stylishly in every situation in life and for whom real feel-good fashion is important. The various items of clothing are either discreet and therefore perfectly suited for lovers of minimalism. Or they can score points with floral patterns or asymmetrical cuts and thus attract attention to themselves and their wearers. Extravagant necklines are available as well as beautiful shirts with eye-catching prints. Wool is always one of the most important materials processed. It is not only pretty to look at, but also fluffy and soft and protects against the cold on cooler days.

Bring life to your wardrobe

With clothes from Modström you can bring life into your wardrobe. If you choose Modström clothing, you will always have the right choice for all four seasons. The Danish designers regularly launch new collections and clothes. The designers are always creative and innovative, so that there is always something new to discover.

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