Karen by Simonsen

Inspired by the colourful wide world: fashion by Karen by Simonsen

After Karen Simonsen had already begun dedicating her life to fashion in the seventies of the last century, the designer founded the label Karen by Simonsen in 2009. Although she may have her roots in Danish design, which is characterised by its clarity and simplicity, Karen Simonsen has always travelled from Denmark, returning home with many ideas, inspirations and new and traditional patterns. The result is a fashion for women that skillfully combines both the classic and the daring, the exotic.

Rooted in the Danish design tradition - but not only ...

Karen Simonsen has learned her craft thoroughly and has been able to perfect herself in countless designs, so to speak. The basis of her fashion is therefore the craft, but also aspects such as the wearability of fashion in everyday contexts and the penchant for opulence and exotic prints and patterns are unmistakable. If you like, all her garments carry an unmistakable signature called Karen by Simonsen. Feminine design is a magic word, although feminine here certainly does not mean being "ruffled up" and not dressed for everyday life. Rather, her skirts, trousers and pullovers etc. are just right when it comes to conquering the city. The modern woman lives and works in a dynamic way. She wants to look fashionable - and simply feel good.

Far-travelled and cosmopolitan: Karen Simonsen

To understand the fashion of Karen by Simonsen and not just enjoy it, you should realize that Karen Simonsen is a globetrotter. She collects ideas like other cups or scarves all over the world. After her travels, she always has something in her luggage that is transformed into wearable fashion. Karen by Simonsen is a fashion that doesn't rely on the established, but courageously combines the proven with the new, the unheard. A reptilian-style print to a simple sweater made of a noble material. If it doesn't come from Karen Simonsen! Braids, impressions from nature, for the designer the world is the best source of inspiration. Bazaars, leaves in autumn colours, sunshine - everything is integrated.

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