FRNCH - Olala, French chic, new edition.

The French label FRNCH limits itself in its name to the consonants, but even without vowels one calls out into the world: French fashion is it! The two founders of the label, Franck and Chloé, set out in 2013 to create a fashion monument to their homeland, France. Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, FRNCH? Not quite, but almost. The two makers really didn't want "trendy" clothes for women, as you can get them at every corner. Rather, they took to the stage to emulate their famous role models and to give haute couture their FRNCH stamp.

Elegant, portable, high quality - Franck and Chloé have high standards

The common characteristic of the fashion of the two FRNCH makers seems to be to help elegance to make a comeback and to use good materials instead of cheap threads, in short: to create a fashion that is timeless and of high quality. For this purpose, the two use proven materials such as mohair, linen, silk or cotton and adhere strictly to the concept that only what is good can be good. Nevertheless, not everything is super cool here, but also a little playful, just this "Je ne sais quoi", by which one recognizes the French chic. One could easily imagine Audrey Hepburn, the style icon, in a FRNCH dress. Classical, which has proven itself, should continue to exist. Whether you want to look at it as "vintage" or as timeless design is a matter of taste.

Let's play a little!

The design is straightforward, the cuts are rather simple, but Franck and Chloé are not afraid of bows, small flowers or sequins either. Why should they, when women all over the world love these extras so much? Romanticism and a touch of good old times are well received in the rough reality. And some FRNCH customers also like to go for "against the trend" models. Where have you ever seen checked trousers? Adhering to the tried and tested, the courage to be classic and the aspiration to always offer good quality - this concept works out and makes one expect that Franck and Chloé will still be in this business for many years to come. C'est tres chic!

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