ET AL Shoe Design

The shoe brand ET AL: Style templates from Denmark

The footwear label ET AL was founded in Copenhagen in 2012 and since then has dedicated itself with passion to the ambitious goal of offering quality-conscious shoe fans like you practicable alternatives to the mainstream. The brand manufactures low shoes, sneakers and boots. For men and women. ET AL is a brand of "Products by Craftsmen"..

Now also in Germany

For some time now, the young success label has also been making a name for itself in Germany, where it is convincing more and more feet and their owners with its very special philosophy, which focuses on three values: Individualism, craftsmanship and creativity. ET AL shoes are designed in Denmark. But they are made to discover the whole world.

The design concept: Creative crossover brand ET AL

The design concept draws its effect from the creative fusion of different styles of the past and present. Open to trends and timeless styles from all points of the compass, it always moves between the two poles of Nordic simplicity and French elegance. This is precisely one of the reasons why ET AL shoes are unmistakable.

Craftsmanship and quality: a commitment

A further reason for this distinctiveness lies in the clear commitment of the label to the traditions of the art of shoemaking as well as in the use of exclusively high-quality raw materials, with which the brand produces original, versatile shoes under modern conditions according to traditional methods. ET AL stands for high quality workmanship and materials. What the shoes not only let you feel, but also radiate visibly.

Your advantage for an individual appearance

The stylish, creative design and the high-quality charisma of all ET AL shoes combined give you a clear advantage for a successful individual appearance. Whether in the office or in the club. On the parquet floor or in the box. Wherever you value a comfortable gait and a very individual look at the same time.

Special: ET AL DOC

If you wish, the Danes can give your feet a foothold, even in the operating theatre or in everyday practice, with their ET AL DOC series, developed for doctors, which meets high standards of comfort and safety and also discreetly sets new standards for elegant professional appearance in medical contexts.

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