EKN Footwear

EKN Footwear produces ecologically and socially compatible shoes

The EKN Footwear label pursues a special philosophy in the shoe segment. The German company was founded by Noel Klein-Reesink and launched its first collection in 2011. High-quality sneakers made from ecologically compatible materials under fair working conditions - that is the brand's motivation. Its name is easier to explain than it initially seems. In the shoe manufacturer's logo there is a small i-dot above the "N". So it is pronounced "ikin". The term "ekin" comes from Turkish and means harvest or sowing.


Minimizing the ecological footprint with EKN Footwear

EKN Footwear is aware that everyone reaps what they sow. Every person leaves traces that negatively influence our environment. In order to keep these traces as small as possible, the brand relies on an environmentally friendly concept. Only sustainable materials such as organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather and recycled artificial leather are used in the manufacture of its shoes. Production is carried out under fair conditions by a family-run Portuguese company. During the production and transport of the finished shoes, care is also taken to achieve the best possible reduction in emissions of pollutants and CO2. The sneakers are packed in recycled paper.


Shoes for fashion-conscious environmentalists

Canadian Sheldon McKenzie is the designer of EKN Footwear. He designs casual and timeless sneakers, but also numerous other shoe models. The EKN Footwear range also includes moccasins, sandals, boots and chukkas.

In collaboration with the singer Max Herre, the company has been invited to a special event on the occasion of the comeback and the
In 2017, the 20th anniversary of the band, a circle of friends collection was created. As a special highlight, the shoes of the limited collection feature a leather patch with a circle of friends logo and are also worn on stage by the band members.

EKN Footwear shoes can be combined in many ways. They are not only suitable for a casual casual look, but also go well with a business outfit or an elegant dress. EKN Footwear fashion is ideal for all environmentally conscious people who still have a strong fashion awareness. The great quality of the materials and the high-quality workmanship are not only visible, but also ensure a pleasant feeling when wearing the shoes.
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