AMOV - creating value with fashion

AMOV is a Danish clothing brand founded in 2015. The young company aims to bring about a change in the apparel industry. Consumers, too, are now willing to invest more money in higher quality. The fashion AMOV designs is organic, sustainable and responsible. The company's concept also includes an innovative recycling system that wants to return as much to the environment as it takes from it. The name of the label derives from a quote that Albert Einstein is said to have once used: "Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value". The acronym AMOV was created from "A Man Of Value".

Responsible in dealing with the environment

Quality is one of AMOV's most important principles. By using high-quality organic materials such as organic cotton, lyocell and linen, AMOV aims to create long-lasting products. Responsible production also includes producing garments that can be worn not only for one season, but for several years. The company also provides special free repair kits so that defective clothing can be repaired instead of having to be replaced with new ones. AMOV fashion is produced under fair conditions in Ukraine and Portugal.


Casual casual look

The Danish label's fashion is sporty and casual. Casual shirts and sweaters, comfortable dresses and comfortable shirts characterise the AMOV collections. Style and cuts are minimalist and only peppered with a few highlights, such as discreet prints and small details. The colours of the garments are also rather reserved. The wearing comfort is very high thanks to the cuts used and the high-quality materials. Wide cut and loosely falling, the company's creations are particularly suitable for a casual leisure look. But you can also combine many of AMOV's pieces to create a business look or a more chic outfit, for example.

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