2ND Day

For a touch of everyday glamour: Fashion from 2ND Day

The Scandinavians also "can" glamour, which can be seen very well in the great songs from 2ND Day. Not modest and understated, but with the courage for color and exciting cuts and designs, this company from Denmark in the far north delights the fashion world. The pieces are suitable for all women who want to combine the fun of fashion with funny and original ideas. Wear a skirt, sweater or trousers from 2ND Day and you'll see what happens!


Wake up the diva in you! 

"Every woman is beautiful", this has already been stated by the grande dame Helena Rubinstein. And this is still true today and is transformed into a fashionable reality by the daring miniskirts, made of leather (real or not? Take a look for yourself!), the casually fitting jeans or a dress with frills to dream about. Whether you're going to a ball or just to the office: with a piece from 2ND Day every occasion becomes a party. The creators of 2ND Day have set out to bring sensuality back into the world and into everyday life. To do so, they use many beautiful materials that are pleasing to the skin and the eye. Satin, leather, lace, fluffy wool: this enumeration reads like the "Who is who?" of fashion with style and extravagance.


Fluffy soft and brightly coloured: limits, no thanks!

The name 2ND Day stands for the boundless fun of experimenting with the effects, the colours, the materials and the changing moods of the wearer. If you think you are a princess today, a dress made of chiffon, a touch of nothing, is just your day outfit. If you like it a little more robust, wear 2ND Day jeans, biker boots and a leather jacket. And if you're feeling vulnerable like a newly hatched chick, a soft, fluffy sweater might be just the thing for the day. Emphasising the many facets that every woman has within herself is the mission with which the Danes set out on their triumphal procession around the world.

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